Law Enforcement Memorial Dedicated To Stephen Martin

May 14, 2014

Dedicated to Stephen G. Martin
Credit WXPR

A law enforcement memorial was dedicated Wednesday(5/14) at the Rhinelander Police Department, specifically remembering the life of fallen Rhinelander police Sergeant Stephen Martin.

Sergeant Martin was a veteran member of city police. He was also a sergeant in the 330th Military Police Detachment of the Army Reserve.. On June, 24, 2004, Martin and others stopped a suicide bomber trying to destroy a police training facility. Martin was critically injured and died a week later.

Mayor Dick Johns honored Martin's duty...

"....due to Steve Martin's dedication to duty on the battlefront in Iraq and the streets of Rhinelander, we are dedicating our law enforcement memorial in the memory of Stephen C. Martin...."

Rhinelander Police Captain Ron Lueneburg(l) and Police Chief Michael Steffes
Credit WXPR

Police Chief Michael Steffes says Martin's legacy continues today with the force...

"'s not how Steve died that I want to remember him today, it's how he lived. He was a husband, father, son, brother,soldier and police officer. He was instrumental in the creation of our bike patrol unit, which is why we have one of the bikes out here to honor him, and his legacy is remembered each time we go to the BMX track at West Park, a project Steve was instrumental in creating...."

The black marble style memorial hangs near the department's front door. Martin's widow, Kathleen, was moved by the tribute, saying his loss still is felt....

"'s hard, very hard. It's even hard for me to go to the cemetery now. But it's nice in another way, it's nice that people still remember him and he'll always be remembered...."

The dedication is part of National Police Week.