Legislator Says Local Communities Losing Power

Dec 22, 2013

State Rep. Janet Bewley(D-Ashland)
Credit wisconsin.gov

A legislator is concerned about the centralization of control being pushed on local units of government by the Republican-controlled legislature.

Democratic State Representative Janet Bewley of Ashland says the majority party is showing a tendency to want more power focused in Madison...


"....fact we want to have a say in what we want in our own communities. Ironically, we're seeing with the majority that is in now, they want to erode local control, they want to focus power in Madison on many issues...."

Bewley highlights her concerns...


"....when ballots can be collected during absentee ballots or early voting. To police powers over certain mining activities, to the revenue caps, to the fact that you cannot impose new fees...what is that about?


Bewley has announced she's running to fill the seat of long time State Senator Bob Jauch. Both Bewley's Assembly District and Jauch's Senate District include Lac du Flambeau, Iron and Price counties.