Libertarian Party Launches Outreach For Candidates

Feb 17, 2014


A Rhinelander man is the state Libertarian Party chairman. They launched a campaign today in Madison to provide a political alternative.

Paul Ehlers ran in 2012 for the state 12 District Senate seat. In the role as state Libertarian Party chair he says they're reaching out to many groups who have felt ...what he the heavy hand of government... ... called the "Liberty Coalition"...


"....what we're trying to do is find people whose pursuit of happiness is being regulated, prohibited or restricted and get them to realize we have one thing in common...."

He mentions groups such as the raw milk producers, people active in the organization NORML, gun owners, people interested in renewable energy, but Ehlers says students are heavily in debt due to government changes in education financing...


"....students that maybe have massive student debt that are in default. They are not part of the problem. They are victims of the problem...."

He says the Liberty Coalition goal is to have candidates in every major race in Wisconsin this year. He says he wants those interested to run....

"....we're going to ask people to self-refer themselves and we're going to ask their friends and neighbors. Regular people to take the government back...."


The Libertarian Party is the third largest political party in the nation.