Libertarian Party State Convention This Weekend At Treehaven

Apr 19, 2017

Credit Libertarian Party

A state political convention is coming this weekend to the Northwoods.

The Libertarian Party of Wisconsin is hosting a convention and liberty retreat this weekend at Treehaven near Tomahawk. Founded in 1971, Libertarians strongly oppose any government interference into their personal, family, and business decisions.

Phillip Anderson ran in last year's U.S. Senate race and is the interim Wisconsin party Director.

He says among the speakers is the party's national leader...

"....Libertarian national party chair Nick Sarwark is the keynote speaker. We also have Professor Joseph Daniels, Economics Professor at Marquette University and the radio show host Glenn Klein(Milwaukee radio) will also be speaking...."

Anderson says he thinks Libertarians have positioned themselves for the future....

"...we had a lot of people that joined the Libertarian Party. We had a lot of people who identified as Lilbertarians already but hadn't been engaged in politics. In particular because of the two candidates that were offered up by Republicans and Democrats was an opportunity to open up people's eyes to see what's wrong with government, what's wrong with the two big parties. We were able to do that relatively successfully, grow our ranks and increase our visibility....."

Anderson says the party is being seen more frequently on the ballot...

"....not because the ballot access laws have changed, that's the unfortunate part, but we're getting better organized and people are more willing to have more choices on the ballot. As I was campaining for U.S. Senate, there were a lot people who identified as Republicans and Democrats but were happy to sign my petition because they felt that regardless of how they voted, they wanted more choices for everybody on the ballot...."

Anderson says they will be electing new state officers and representatives in the Congressional districts. The convention is Friday evening through Sunday at Treehaven.