Make A Plan Say Emergency Management Officials

Sep 5, 2017


Hurricane Harvey is a very real lesson that preparedness is key for your safety during an emergency.

The state has declared September as National Preparedness Month. Officials are asking business owners and the public to think about how we should deal with an emergency.

Tammi Boers from Vilas County Public Health says while we won't have a Hurricane Harvey here, we will have massive snowstorms, tornadoes and flooding. She says officials say you should be ready in case something happens...

"...make a plan. Make sure you have food, water, medical supplies. Things for your pets, things for you or your family if you have special needs for typically three days. Have phone numbers for your friends and families so they know how to reach you and they know that you are safe. Social media is great, but if you're not able to get cell reception, it's good to have one contact in your family who is your go to person...."

More information is on the Vilas County Public Health website or at the state Emergency Management site