Mental Health Summit to Focus on Compassionate Treatment, Recovery

Apr 27, 2014

A conference next month aims to share treatment and recovery stories for mental illness and addiction. 

The Frank B. Koller Mental Health Summit is targeted at professionals and community members want to learn more about caring for people with mental health issues. 

Oneida County Public Health Nurse Char Ahrens says because of the stigma surrounding mental health and addiction, people facing these issues may be connected with the resources they need.

“We still don’t have a lot of people that are comfortable seeking the guidance for mental health therapists or counselors…and this is our approach at least to affect that change, to where people could at least attend a summit like this and garner some real useful information for them.” 

It’s being hosted by the Mental Health Interagency Council, which includes various local human service agencies. 

Ahrens says at some point in their lives, most people will confront mental illness in their own experiences or those of their loved ones.

“It just behooves all of us to really try to remove those blinders, and to try to realize that there are ways to support recovery, there are ways to prevent some of these issues as well.”

The conference is May 9th in Minocqua and features keynote speakers and breakout sessions.