Minocqua Board Eyes Meeting On Fire Station Bid Package

Jan 4, 2017

Credit en.wikipedia.org

In a low-key session Tuesday, the Minocqua Town Board learned what it would cost to buy two new pickup trucks and complete asphalt crack sealing of town roads next summer. Supervisors approved the bid from Dave Marston Motors of Minocqua to supply a 2017 Ford F150 pickup truck to be used by the police department. The cost will be $23,329 with the trade-in of the department’s 2008 Ford Expedition. Ewald Automotive Group of Oconomowoc offered three vehicles, with the trade-in factored in: a 2017 Chevrolet Silverado, $26,665; 2017 Ford F150, $23,791 and 2017 Dodge Ram 1500, $22,935. All three met standards of the bid announcement, but failed to meet several minimum specifications for the vehicle, the chief said. Marthaler Chevrolet Buick of Minocqua offered to supply a 2017 Chevrolet Silverado for $30,120 with the trade-in. Jaeger said the bids did not include outfitting the vehicle with siren, lights, radio, etc. The town had budgeted $43,000 for the vehicle replacement.

In another truck purchase, Director of Public Works Mark Pertile said the town received three bids for a new pickup truck for his department. Marthaler’s bid was $31,799 for a Chevrolet Silverado, Marston’s was $31,453 and Big Valley Ford was $34,657, both for a F250. Pertile said he would return to the board with a recommendation after a review. The board also opened two bids for asphalt crack sealing on 17 road sections next summer. Pitlik & Wik’s bid was $91,572 and Fahner Asphalt’s was for $102,328. The board had budgeted $67,000 for that work, so the board will have to allocate more funds or cut back on the work. Again, Pertile will review the bids and return with a recommendation.

In other matters, the board forwarded two property changes with recommendations for approval to the Oneida County zoning department. The first was a request by owner Michael Infusino for a preliminary 5-unit condominium conversion referred to as Whispering Woods Condominium on Squaw Lake Road West. The former resort is now being converted to condominiums, which is a form of ownership. The local office of Oneida County zoning says the property is zoned single family and condos fit better in that description than a resort, which was grandfathered in some years ago.

The board also recommended approval of a preliminary 5-lot survey for Gerrard Development, LLC, owner of property located at 12353 Kobart Road. The owner wants to subdivide 20.8 acres on Squirrel Lake into five lots. The easement road has to be placed through the middle of lot 5. As recommended by the plan commission, the board will go along with a reduction of road width by two feet, to 18 feet, due to the unique topography of the land, and contingent upon a road maintenance agreement.

The board unanimously appointed Pertile to fill a vacant position held by the late town supervisor Bryan Jennings on the Fire Department Expansion Committee. Supervisor Billy Fried wondered if the board’s intent, when it named Jennings to the committee, was to have a town supervisor on the committee. But Supervisor Sue Heil said the committee has already completed much of its work. She noted that Pertile has shadowed the committee throughout its deliberations and is well acquainted with the issues. Town Chairman Mark Hartzheim, although not a committee member, said he has attended nearly all of the committee’s meetings. Fried also got assurances from Hartzheim that the board, either in regular session or at a special meeting, would have an opportunity to review the bid package and final design for the new fire station. That meeting could come as soon as next week.

The town electorate has approved spending upwards of $3.4 million on the new station. The town is hoping to send out bid notices by late January or early February at the latest in order to attract competitive bids from contractors looking to fill their summer and fall work schedules.