New Crandon Mayor Takes Office

Aug 4, 2014

Crandon’s new mayor has his first day at the office Monday.

Crandon's new mayor is starting his first week in the office.
Credit Natalie Jablonski / WXPR News

Dennis Rosa won a recall mayoral election last Tuesday, beating then-incumbent mayor Rob Jaeger with two thirds of the vote. 

Rosa says his main goals are to keep things running smoothly, and to serve the will of the people. 

“I mean they’re the ones that elected the council and the mayor, and we need to do what they want to do, and let them have a voice at the meetings, to voice their opinions on things, and if they call up, answer the phone and talk to them. The people elected us so we have to do what the people want.” 

Rosa was born and raised in Crandon township, and moved to the city of Crandon eight years ago.  He started Rosa Trailer Manufacturing in 1979, a business that builds trailers mainly for the logging and forest products industry.  But he’s since sold the business and now works there part time. 

Rosa says he hadn’t considered running for office before this, but says a group of citizens approached him and he was open to the idea. 

“I guess they thought I was basically a decent, honest person.  I was a successful businessman, I think so, so that helped.  I’ve lived here all my life, not in the city but next to it, and everybody knows who I am and I guess I have a good reputation.” 

Rosa took the oath of office Friday.  He will attend his first city council meeting on Wednesday.