New Law Allows Use Of State Trails Anytime

Apr 20, 2014

Credit Dave

One of the many bills signed recently by Governor Scott Walker allows people to be out later on state funded trails. State trails are posted under the same hours as state parks.

One of the bill's authors...State Representative Rob Swearingen of Rhinelander...says he was approached by Democrat Eric Genrich from Green Bay. Genrich was looking for support and Republican Swearingen said it was a good idea. Genrich says people in the Fox Valley use the trails to commute to and from work, and Swearingen says trail use flexibility would also work in the Northwoods...

"....the DNR never enforced the closing hours in the first place. This gives the flexibility for people to be on those trails beyond 11 p.m. But this should give some flexibility for people in the Valley as well as up north if they want to get a late-night work out in or use the trails back and forth to work, this will allow that to happen...."


Unless the DNR requests otherwise, the recently signed law will keep trails open 24 hours a day.