No Call List Deadline August 31

Aug 24, 2013


Saturday is the deadline if you want to stop pesky telemarketers from calling your personal telephones.

Wisconsin's "No Call" list allows citizens to sign up for free and have two years without commercial telemarketing calls.

Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection spokesperson Jim Dick details how it works... 

"...people who sign up for the No Call List by September first can get their phone numbers, cellphone numbers and land line household numbers on this telemarketing No Call List. That will take effect on October first as long as they sign up before September first..."

He says if you miss signing up this time, you have to wait again until January. Telemarketers are given the list, and are told not to call the numbers. Some telemarketers are allowed to call you...

"....political calls, calls from non-profit organizations, and calls if you applied or subscribed to something and said it was 'ok' for them to call you, you can still get those calls. It doesn't cover everything...."

To sign up, go the the DATCP website. The state government portal is wisconsin. gov . You can renew your no call listing any time then you are set for another two years.