No Call List Deadline Saturday

Nov 28, 2013

A quiet call center

It's that time again when cellphone, landline and voice over I. P. owners can renew or sign up for Wisconsin's No Call List.

The list stops private company telemarketers from calling you.

State Consumer Protection spokesperson Jerad Albracht says the quarterly sign up has proven popular...


"....every quarter we(compile) the list and send it to register the end of this month we will have reached the end of this quarter. So numbers that go one before the end of this month will be added to the list as of January 1st that is sent to those telemarketers..."


Albracht says some organizations are exempt from the no-call rules...


"....political calls, calls from non-profit organizations, and calls from sales companies made in response to any verbal or written request that you have given them to contact you, those are all protected under the law..."

Free registrations are good for two years. The website has more information.