Northwoods Gas Prices Likely To Continue Falling:Analyst

Nov 8, 2016

Credit Wikimedia Commons

You can probably afford to go to relativesĀ  Thanksgiving celebrations a little easier this year.

Gas prices are likely to continue falling through November. That word from Senior Petroleum Analyst for the website, Patrick DeHaan. He says the price of crude oil has declined from $52 a barrel recently to $45 and gas prices often follow the decline in crude prices. The falling prices reflect a report that OPEC might not be cutting production in the near future.

DeHaan says another November trend should be analyzed....

"...there has not been a single year in the last five where we've seen gas prices higher at the end of November than where November starts, so going back five years there hasn't been a November where the national average increase, then higher at the end of the month...."

He says some gas prices in southern Wisconsin are around $2.00 per gallon. Prices are a bit higher in the Northwoods.