Northwoods Jazz Camp Draws Musicians From Around U.S.

May 16, 2014

Jazz musicians from around the country are holed up outside of Rhinelander this weekend…sharing knowledge about technique and improvisation.

It’s the annual jazz camp at Holiday Acres Resort…that brings eight professional musicians and about twenty students for a few days of nonstop jazz. 

Kim Richmond, one of the artistic directors of the Northwoods Jazz Camp, says the camp is strictly for adults…which makes for a unique teaching experience. 

“These people have followed other courses other than music and art.  But their love of music brings them back to jazz and music…and so they’re really kind of more dedicated and willing to work for it.  But on the other hand, it’s not a serious, serious endeavor because they’re not trying to be professional musicians, they’re just doing it because they’ve always loved it…and they’re here to have a lot of fun.”

The camp includes three days of master classes, listening sessions, and big band practice. 

Campers say one of the draws is a chance to spend time and play alongside talented professionals. 

The students and faculty will perform together in a big band Saturday night. 

The jazz faculty perform also tonight at Holiday Acres at 8 pm.  The concerts are free and open to the public.