Phelps "Phestival" Earns JEM Grant

Jul 2, 2013

The state Department of Tourism is lending a hand to a local event this summer.  

The town of Phelps will be host to a new event this summer.
Credit Bill Wilkinson / WXPR News

The Joint Effort Marketing program has awarded more than two thousand dollars to the Phelps Phly in and Pholk Music Phestival. 

Event organizer Bill Wilkinson is a contributor to WXPR News.  He spoke with Sarah Klavas from the Department of Tourism.  Klavas explains that grant readers are always looking for things that set a grant apart…and in this case it was the unusual spelling of the title of the Pholk Phestival…which does not use any “F”s: 

“The one thing that rose to the top of my mind is the way that you used the PH.  Phly in, and Phestival, and Phelps…so that was very creative and unique, and that really stuck with me.”

Klavas says the JEM grant program is designed to help promote and market new events. 

“We love supporting the Northwoods.  And when we can combine small town charm and great outdoor recreation with the friendliest people around…it’s a trifecta win for all of us.” 

The Phly In and Pholk Phestival will be held Saturday July 20th. 

Last year the JEM grant program funded 56 projects throughout the state.