Public Hearing This Week On WPS Rate Increase Request

Sep 8, 2015


Wisconsin Public Service  is proposing a 8 percent increase in electric rates and a slight decrease in natural gas rates. In addition, WPS proposes an increase in the customer fixed charge.
Kerry Spees from WPS says the average electrical customer would see a $6.00 a month increase. But the customer fixed charge would go from $10 to 25. He says the cost of the electric grid system remains fixed at about $60 per customer,  but customers using less electricity aren't supporting their portion of the grid cost...

" customers that are able to reduce their use aren't paying their share of the cost of the grid system so our effort is to move that closer...."

But Helen Marks Dicks from AARP Wisconsin says this is the second increase in two years. She says seniors are being punished for being conservative with their use and those on fixed incomes can't afford the added expense...

"...we have a high rate of poverty among seniors that people don't realize and the increase is a significant change to them that is difficult...."

The state is holding a public hearing on the rate increase   at  2 p.m. and  again at 6 p.m. Sept. 9 at the Kress Family Branch of the Brown County Public Library in De Pere. You can also go to the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin website and comment.