Recycling Numbers Growing In Wisconsin

Jan 20, 2014

Where your can of soda goes

Wisconsin continues to be among the leaders in recycling.

DNR Recycling Coordinator Cynthia Moore says the demand for recycled products continues to rise...


"....this material has real value...I think some people are really surprised that(recycled material) has value on the global market and the local market..."

She says one reason for growing recycling is the process has been made easier....


"....there's two things, one is the variety of material we can now recycle and the advent of 'single stream'. In Wisconsin we're very fortunate that in Wisconsin more than 50 percent of our population has access to single stream collection. This is where the household knows what material they can recycle but they can put them all into one container...."


Moore says they are keeping records on how much recyclable material is brought in. They are also recognizing communities that are recycling leaders....

Eagle River Waste and Recycling just opened their new recycling sorting facility which will process much of the region's recyclables.

(Thanks for help Larry Lee, WSAU)