Sen. Johnson Says Another Effort To Delist Wolves Will Happen

Nov 14, 2017

One of the main proponents of returning management of gray wolves back to the states from the federal Endangered Species Act says they will try again.

U.S. Senator Ron Johnson(R-Wi)
Credit Office of Ron Johnson

U.S. Senator Ron Johnson was in Rhinelander Friday. Republican Johnson was asked about an effort by state legislators to stop the DNR from enforcing management of wolves in Wisconsin.

".....I wish Senator (Tammy)Baldwin would have been joining our efforts in the last Congress to delist the gray wolf, I think it would have already been law. What we need to do is re-double our efforts and get this passed, because I don't think anything the state does would be particularly effective because you have federal law preemting it. We've got to get our job done there. It would have been nice to have Senator Baldwin on board last Congress, but better late than never....."

Democratic Senator Tammy Baldwin did write a letter on December 16, 2016 asking for the delisting of gray wolves from the federal Endangered Species Act, just days before Congress adjourned for 2016. In a letter to Congressional leaders, she asked for the leadership to take up the delisting before going home for the year, but they did not.