Snowmobiles On Eagle River Streets For First Time

Sep 11, 2013


For the first time ... snowmobiles will operate legally within the City of Eagle River, officially known as the Snowmobile Capital of the World. ..

Tuesday night, the Eagle River City Council passed a snowmobile ordinance that establishes rules and routes for operating snowmobiles within the confines of the city.

Ken Storms, president of the Sno-Eagles snowmobile club, the driving force behind the ordinance:


"....I think it was a very good move and we're very please it did get passed...."


The ordinance passed with a compromise, however. Alderman Jerry Burkett, responding to strong opposition from Alderwomen Carol Hendricks, suggested the city reevaluate the ordinance at the end of the upcoming snowmobile season. Hendricks was the lone "no" vote on the modified motion.


"....we don't anticipate this is going to be a problem. I think that's typical of a lot of new ordinances around and other places, too. I don't think that's a real big issue. We look forward in working with the city in making this work...."

Copies of the ordinance and maps with snowmobile trails and access routes in the city are available at Eagle River City Hall.