State Groups Say Creativity Key To Wisconsin's Economic Future

Jun 6, 2018

(Longer interview below) 

Credit Arts Wisconsin League of Wi. Municipalities

A new report is out detailing how creativity will be the key element in a new Wisconsin economy and how government and the arts community can make that happen.

Arts Wisconsin, in partnership with the League of Wisconsin Municipalities, released " 21st Century Wisconsin", a report on local, regional and statewide opportunities for growth through investment in Wisconsin’s creative sector. The report addresses data, trends and models, and provide best practices, strategies and actions to leverage and grow assets and resources throughout Wisconsin.

Arts Wisconsin Executive Director Anne Katz says both groups see the future where the economy is driven by creativity...

"....It's all about what is happening in the arts and creativity in terms of economic growth, educational progress and healthy communities around the state, be it in Milwaukee to the smallest community. It presents a snapshot in time of the amazing things that are happening and it makes some recommendations for what could happen in the future to really grow this economy...."

Among the recommendations: local and regional creative economic development that creates and expands jobs, businesses and income, through downtown and community revitalization, civic engagement and cultural tourism programs. Arts and creativity in education for all students as a strategy for workforce development, to expand skills training; stimulate creative thinking, idea generation, innovation and inspiration; and enable entrepreneurship.

Katz details why this is the case...

"'s all about entrepreneurship, small business, creativity as a resource and unique, vibrant, healthy communities..."

We have a longer interview with Anne Katz from Arts Wisconsin about this report below..