State Loan Program For Propane Users

Feb 19, 2014


Legislators have introduced bills creating a heating assistance loan program designed to help propane users.

In January, Governor Walker declared a state of emergency due to the propane shortage and established a $3 million loan guarantee program. Sponsors say the loans help those who can't get low-income energy assistance.

Senator Tom Tiffany of Hazelhurst was one of the bill's authors....


".....what legislators have been hearing from middle-income people who have been saying, 'hey, it's been tough for us also' so we've put together a low-interest loan program that will be administered by WHEDA, (Wisconsin) Housing and Economic Development Authority...."

Through their financial institutions, propane users can access up to $2,500 in low-interest money to pay off the bills. The applicant's income cannot exceep 200 percent of the median family income in the county where they live.Tiffany says this program is similar to drought assistance programs that help farmers.

The bill was referred to the Joint Finance Committee and is likely to be expedited for action as soon as possible.