State Park Sticker Contest Opens - But Please, Only Four Colors

Dec 4, 2013

Next year’s state park stickers are now on sale.  And the DNR is taking submissions for the sticker’s artwork for the following year.  

The DNR has held its annual state park sticker contest since 1991.
Credit Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

The 2015 state park sticker contest is open to all high school students throughout the state. 

DNR spokesperson Paul Holtan says judges are looking for designs that evoke the Wisconsin outdoors. 

“We want it to be representative of the parks experience.  Whether it’s outdoor activities, wildlife watching, beautiful scenes of the state parks – what they feel is the most important part of visiting our parks.”

A handful of DNR officials help judge the submissions, which typically number two or three hundred.  But Holtan says there are a few rules that have to be followed. 

“The design is limited to four colors maximum.  So that is one of the things that students miss a lot, they’ll have more than four colors or they’ll have gradients of colors which – they have to have four solid colors because it has to be easily reproducible for the sticker.”

Accuracy is also important - the DNR says no snow-capped mountains please. 

The deadline is mid-April of 2014. 

The contest has been happening since 1991.