State PSC Chair Says Broadband A Public-Private Effort

Sep 24, 2013

PSC Chairman Phil Montgomery

Developing better high-speed internet in the Northwoods must be a public-private says the Chairman of the state utilitiy regulator, the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin.

While more highly populated areas often have sufficient broadband access, many rural areas have very slow internet if it's available at all. A group in Three Lakes is promoting the efforts of that town to show how they were able to get access to most of their residents.

PSC Chair Phil Montgomery says the way faster internet will get to underserved areas is through local action...

"....local ownership. It has to be a collaborative effort between the public and private sectors as well as education to get all those folks in a room to move the ball forward..."

Montgomery and PSC Broadband Chair Dr. Tithi Chattopadhyay toured the Northwoods to find out about efforts to increase broadband in this region, including at stop at the WXPR White Pine Room.