State Ups Walleye Bag Limits In Northern Wisconsin

May 22, 2014

Sander vitreus

Bag limits will be increasing on 447 northern Wisconsin lakes as the Chippewa bands are nearing the end of their walleye and muskie harvest.

DNR Treaty Fisheries Coordinator Joe Hennessey...

" these changes are being made in response to actual walleye harvest numbers accomplished by six bands of Wisconsin Chippewa...."


The six Chippewa bands harvested 27,433 walleye and 201 musky as of May 22. The average harvest of walleye since 2004 is 29,907.

Anglers' daily bag limit for walleye will increase to five per day on 269 lakes, to three per day on 171 lakes, and two walleye per day on seven lakes.

Hennessey says the bag limits vary by activity on the lake...


".....when you see those increases, either the tribes didn't visit the lake at all, or weren't able to meet their initial declaration...."

Hennessey says the bag limits are on the DNR website, available for smartphones and are posted at individual boat landings.