Stepp: Deer Trustee Report To NRB In January

Nov 24, 2013

Credit Wisconsin DNR

After much public input and meetings, Wisconsin's DNR Secretary says the Deer Trustee recommendations will go before the Natural Resources Board in January.

Governor Walker hired a Texas-based whitetail deer researcher, Dr. James Kroll, who made a number of recommendations concerning Wisconsin's deer management. The DNR had a series of public sessions and social media input to put together an action plan based on Kroll's findings which will come before the board in January.

While some have criticized Kroll's recommendations, DNR Secretary Cathy Stepp said last week she thinks the plan has some innovations...


"....really the Kroll report and the implementation is all about partnership and relationship building between the department and the public we serve. This particular case is on deer management, but it's also about healthy habitat which helps other wildlife. And whether you're hunting deer or viewing deer there's going to be something in this for everybody...."

35 public meetings were held in October statewide. The Kroll report recommendations are on the DNR website.