Students Hearing About Natural Gas Safety

Jan 23, 2014

WPS natural gas school safety presenters Eric Berg(l), Tom Gryskiewicz, and Jeff Schaal(r).
Credit WXPR

As people turned up their thermostats during our recent cold snap, a three-member Wisconsin Public Service team has been stopping by Northwoods schools talking about natural gas safety.


"....when you smell gas, leave the door open, turn around and get away..."

The 35-minute program uses a variety of visual demonstrations showing the properties of natural gas and how it’s used.

As a class at James Williams Middle School listened intently, Eric Berg said the message is natural gas is safe when used properly....


"....used not properly, it can be a very hazardous fuel like anything you use for heating and cooling in your home, heating, venting, all that stuff is critical for you health and life when it comes to carbon monoxide....

They recommended carbon monoxide detectors. Berg also told the students if they smell gas, don't open the door of the house to call for help. Even a small spark could light up the released natural gas. He did say immediately call WPS.

Jeffrey Schaal says they emphasize things like Diggers Hotline...calling 811 before you dig and safety precautions...


"'s an opportunity for kids to check with their parents, carbon monoxide detectors...things of that like for their safety...just a 'hands-on' demostration for their safety..."

WPS has visited 10 middle schools in the Northwoods with the natural gas safety message. In February they begin their Path To Ground Electric Safety program.