Two Write-Ins Win Oneida Co. Seats; Other Recounts Possible

Apr 2, 2014

Absentee ballots from another election
Credit Matthew Johnson The Uptake

Two write-ins were elected to the Oneida county board Tuesday after no one filed during the standard time for the spots that were vacated by retiring supervisors.

Greg Berard in District 2, city of Rhinelander and Jack Martinson from the town of Lynne and Minocqua did not run again. In District 2, Rhinelander alderman Tom Kelly declared as an official write in and won the county supervisory seat with 17 votes. Lisa Zunker from the town of Lynne won the seat with 40 write-in votes, defeating another write-in candidate Jay Christgau from Minocqua.

Several races were under the ten vote minimum for a recount, and as County Clerk Mary Bartelt reports, those are likely to be recounted.....

"the total outstanding absentee ballots is 285. So I know in Candy Sorenson's district, her alone, in the two districts she has, there's sixty outstanding ballots. That could make a difference in her election..."

That district....number 18....was won by Lance Krolczyk  by six votes. Other close races were in districts 7, Pelican Lake area, and the town of Woodruff.

The official canvass of votes will take place next Tuesday.