Veterans Without Dental Ins. Can Join New Program

Dec 10, 2013

Veteran getting dental care

Veterans have another dental option as part of their VA healthcare.

V.A. spokesperson Brad Nelson says they're now offering dental isnurance at reduced premiums. He says veterans now get comprehensive dental benefits if they meet stringent eligibility standards, including total disability. But Nelson says the majority of veterans don't have full care. He says the VA has contracted with private companies MetLife and Delta Dental to provide insurance. He says the VA website has a link...


"....and on that website they will see links to both MetLife and Delta Dental(for the new program)....there's benefits for veterans enrolled in the VA healthcare as well as beneficiaries of VA civilian health and medical program or what we call CHAMP V.A...."

Nelson says the deal worked out between the VA and the private firms give veterans a lower premium than standard plans...


"....these premiums are very competitive, in fact they are better(than standard premiums). It's a good benefit for veterans who don't have dental insurance...."

Nelson says coverage begins on January 1.