Wachs Latest Democrat To Announce Run

Aug 10, 2017

Rep. Dana Wachs
Credit danawachs.com

State Representative Dana Wachs of Eau Claire has announced his expected run for governor.

He's the third Democrat to officially declare his bid for Republican Scott Walker's seat, joining Milwaukee businessman Andy Gronik and former California congressional hopeful Bob Harlow -- and five other Democrats have filed the necessary paperwork to start their candidacies including state public school Superintendent Tony Evers.

The 60-year-old Wachs is an attorney who's in his fifth year in the state Assembly after three years on the Eau Claire city council. Wachs says he wants to "level the playing field" for all Wisconsinites...

"....I've seen first hand how our system is rigged for those at the very top. For the past five years in the legislature, I've seen how politicians work for wealthy special interests and not every day folks..."

Wachs says he would be the first challenger to Walker who's not from the Milwaukee or Madison areas. Governor Walker has been broadly hinting he will seek a third term, saying in Wausau this week that changing Governors now could endanger the Foxconn deal near Milwaukee. The state G-O-P was ready with its criticisms of Wachs, saying he has filed "frivolous" lawsuits as a lawyer to "pad his own pockets."