Wisconsin's Economic Indicators Show Growth

Dec 31, 2013

Credit commons.wikimedia.org

Even though unemployment in the Northwoods remains stubborly high compared to other parts of the state, an economist says leading indicators are pointing up.

Scott Hodek is based in Eau Claire for the Department of Workforce Development.

Hodek says they look at the numbers like the manufacturing work week and inventories...


"....looking forward, the trend has been upward through 2013, but it seems like it's going to accelerate some in 2014...which isn't to say it's going to grow like crazy...but we're pointed toward moderate growth that seems to be more solid than 2013 in my opinion...."


In a recent report in the Christian Science Monitor, the author predicted the economy will grow faster next year, unemployment will fall to around 6 percent, the stock market will slow down, but continue to give good returns, inflation will stay low and the housing market will continue to move toward earlier normals.