Worker Shortage Major Concern: WEDC Secretary

Nov 9, 2016

Credit Wikimedia Commons

The Governor's Northern Wisconsin Economic Development Summit began Wednesday in Minocqua and the head of the a key agency says finding enough workers has become a problem.

Wisconsin Economic Development Secretary Mark Hogan says he's hearing a key concern among people in business..

"....the workforce shortage which is everywhere in the state. It's not just the northern part of the state, it's every company in every corner of the state is looking for employees."

Hogan says the shortage of trained workers is a wide problem. They want to keep students  who are from here...

"...retaining the students, whether it's a high school or tech college, having them stay in the state, that's job one. The other part is attracting people from other states. It's a problem every state has and one that's not unique to Wisconsin..."

Hogan says he's also hearing to spur economic development that high-speed internet needs to be rolled out across rural Wisconsin and he says that is being addressed. One main session during the summit will be about the state's efforts to expand broadband.

Hogan says WEDC is also backing the growth of Fab Labs in K-12 schools, the first school using a Fab Lab was in Three Lakes, and has spread across the Northwoods schools and the state. Hogan spoke before the regular meeting of the Oneida County Economic Development Corporation in Rhinelander.