Last week there was an initial exchange of ideas as Oneida county's Forestry committee considers options concerning forest land now owned by the Board of Commissioners of Public Lands.

The committee heard from BCPL Director Tia Nelson and also state Treasurer Matt Adamczyk who is on the BCPL Board...

County Forest Director John Bilogan says one option is to purchase BCPL woods holdings in Oneida county...


Though interest rates were low, the Board of Commissioners of Public Lands was able last year to supply a record $35.5 million to Wisconsin's K-12 public school libraries.

Created at the time of statehood, the Board  loans out money it has from timber sales and other revenue and the interest money is then by law given to school libraries. No tax money is used.

Executive Director Tia Nelson says the money enabled the board to put a book in the hand of every Wisconsin child...

The town of Hazelhurst is getting money from a state loan fund to build a new town hall and fire barn, but town electors will have the final say if construction is to be approved.


The Board of Commissioners of Public Lands announced a grant of $800,000 to the Oneida county town. The money is loaned at low rates to governments.


Several area school districts are getting money from a state trust fund dating back to Wisconsin's statehood.

The Board of Commissioners of Public Lands has announced that Common School Fund earnings of more than $30 million were distributed to state K-12 public schools to support libraries. The fund was established from state sales and management and doesn't involve tax money.

Executive Secretary Tia Nelson says the interest money earned from the trust fund goes to schools like Rhinelander's...


The Board of Commissioners of Public Lands have approved two State Trust Fund Loans for nearly three-quarters of a million dollars for Rhinelander.

Board Executive Secretary Tia Nelson outlines the loans...


"...the board approved $4.7 million dollars in lending to communities across the state. Two of those loans were for the city of Rhinlander. One is to purchase a new fire engine while the other is to do mitigation for the site prep for the ABX facility...."


The Board of Commissioners of Public Lands has approved more than $2 million in state trust fund loans for 7 city projects.

Three of the news loans refinance existing debt, while four involve tax incremental districts, including the downtown upgrade project.

Board Executive Director Tia Nelson says this array of loans help fund local economic development...