Wisconsin's child rebate program has done brisk business in it's first days of operation.

Governor Walker announced several weeks ago a portion of the $400 million state surplus was going to be refunded. The program officially opened this week. Department of Revenue Secretary Richard Chandler describes how the rebate works... 

Budget Could Eliminate Educational Approval Board

Mar 30, 2015

A proposal to disband a board that oversees for-profit higher education is getting some pushback from those in the field. 

The Educational Approval Board, or EAB, oversees about 250 Wisconsin institutions.  Governor Walker wants to shift its duties into other agencies like the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection. 

But some educators think that’s a bad idea. 

Lawmakers To Hold Budget Listening Session in Rhinelander

Mar 18, 2015

Democratic lawmakers are coming to Rhinelander this weekend to hear what people in northern Wisconsin think about the governor’s proposed budget.

State Senator John Erpenbach of Middleton sits on the Joint Finance Committee.  He says Saturday’s listening session is an opportunity to hear from citizens of both parties.                 

“So there’s all sorts of aspects to the budget that affect everybody in the state from one aspect or another.  So we’re real curious to hear what people have to say about it, and any ideas that people have.”

Ken Krall WXPR

Governor Walker stopped in Rhinelander Tuesday promoting the recently signed $68 billion state budget.

Walker said the key from his view was the budget provides tax relief...


"...if you're a taxpayer in the state of Wisconsin, there's about a billion dollars worth of tax relief...everybody who pays income taxes is going to see the rates go down. That's important for all of us as consumers..."