Department of Health Services


A change for families getting food through the state Women's, Infants and Children Nutrition program known as "WIC".

The program is for families at 185 percent of poverty or below to purchase nutritious food.

WIC Director Patti Hauser says in the past all the benefits were distributed via paper. Starting soon, WIC recipients will be getting Electronic Benefit Transfer cards, similar to a debit card. When checking out at the store, they swipe the card through a reader. She says this change will help keep better control on benefits...

Foodshare Benefits Go Down Friday

Oct 29, 2013
Robert Neff

Thousands of people will see their Foodshare benefits go down starting Friday.  It’s because a temporary federal program that began in 2009 is ending. 

The American Recovery Act gave people extra food stamp money during the economic downturn.  It raised maximum Foodshare benefits by more 13 percent when the federal law took effect.

But Claire Smith, spokesperson for the state Department of Health Services, says the impact won’t be as dramatic when the extra benefits expire November 1st.