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Three Democrats hoping to win state or federal jobs Tuesday stopped in Rhinelander Saturday morning.

Candidate for Governor Mary Burke says she optimistic heading into the vote..

"....I can't wait to get to work as Governor as we have so much  potential here in Wisconsin and if we just put the politics aside, focus on common sense, focus on strong growing communities, that people get that fair shot...."

Attorney General candidate Susan Happ outlines her priorities..

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Governor Scott Walker campaigned in the Northwoods this weekend.  He had some help from New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. 

Temperatures may have been low but spirits were high as Walker supporters stood outside for nearly two hours braving the icy air. 

Governor Scott Walker spoke Friday evening outside the Rhinelander headquarters of logging equipment maker Ponsee.

Walker emphasized his track record on jobs and the economy, and blasted what he called negative attack ads coming from his opponent. 

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The Oneida County Board today (8/19) will consider whether to join 12 other Wisconsin counties to ask voters  via an advisory referendum whether Wisconsin should accept Medicaid money through the Affordable Care Act. Lincoln county has approved a referendum and Chippewa county voted this week to also hold a referendum on the November ballot.

Democrat Mary Burke says waiting more than a year to make a decision on a proposed casino in Kenosha isn't necessary, and says if a study shows signs, it should be given the go-ahead.

The likely Democratic gubernatorial candidate thinks voters should look at what she says are the real numbers regarding job growth in Wisconsin and not the numbers being used by the current job holder.

In an interview with WXPR, Burke touched on her jobs initiative.."Invest For Success" which she says is based on creating jobs in all parts of the state..

The only declared Democrat running for Governor stopped in Rhinelander Tuesday to deliver the message that she can defeat  incumbent Republican Scott Walker.

Mary Burke is the former Commerce Secretary under then Governor Jim Doyle and was an executive with Trek Bicycle from Waterloo, a company founded by her father.

Burke outlined a number of stances including, what she would have done differently to balance the state budget...