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Minocqua Approves Ordinance On Short-Term Rentals

Mar 7, 2018
Town of Minocqua

MINOCQUA – The Minocqua town board on Tuesday forged ahead with its own ordinance on licensing short-term rentals in single-family residential districts, rather than wait for the county to act. The vote was 3-1.

The ordinance is in response to the state Legislature, which took away the power of local municipalities to prohibit rentals of less than 30 days in all zoning districts. Local municipalities are allowed to prohibit rentals for less than seven days, which Minocqua does so with this ordinance.

Minocqua Board Crafts Ordinance On Short-Term Rentals

Jan 18, 2018
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MINOCQUA – Minocqua homeowners who want to rent out their houses in single-family residential districts on a short-term basis will have to comply with several requirements, including payment of fees, according to the Minocqua Town Board.

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MINOCQUA – Bowing to a new state mandate, the Minocqua Planning Commission has approved the first short-term rental in a single-family residential district, which Oneida County had previously said was off-limits for fewer than 30 days rental.


MINOCQUA – The Minocqua Town Board is O.K. with doubling the size of garages on vacant lots, but not so much with horses in single-family residential districts. That’s the message going back to Oneida County Planning and Development Committee.

Oneida County is seeking opinions from zoned towns on whether the county should relax restrictions on horses being in the above district and whether the current maximum 1,008 square footage of accessory buildings on vacant lots should be increased.

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MINOCQUA – Minocqua town officials are discussing upgrades to the electronic capabilities of its dispatch center, as well as signing a contract with the state to repair concrete joints and curbs on a large section of U.S. Highway 51 on the Island of Minocqua.

Only Four Deer Culled From Nuisance Herd In Minocqua

Dec 8, 2017
National Park Service

While 19 managed hunt permits were issued  to harvest a small herd of deer consuming flowers, shrubs and even small trees on the east side of the Island of Minocqua, only four deer have been harvested as of Dec. 5, according to town officials.

Minocqua, with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources’ blessing, had a total of 30 permits to issue hunters (archery only) to cull the herd of about 30 animals. Residents on that side of town complained that the deer were destroying their cedar and arbor vitae trees, as well as landscape plantings.

Minocqua Looking At Possible PRAT To Fund Roads

Dec 6, 2017
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MINOCQUA – After several months of study, a committee of the Minocqua Town Board has proposed enactment of a special sales tax called a premier resort area tax (PRAT) on tourist related purchases to finance road projects.

The tax could produce as much as $600,000 annually for the town, suggested Phil Albert, member of the town’s broadband and business development committee that undertook the study last May. The figure is an estimate from the Wisconsin Department of Revenue.

Minocqua Will Buy Liquor License From Fifield

Nov 8, 2017
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MINOCQUA -- The Minocqua Town Board voted 3-2 Tuesday to buy a reserve Class B liquor license offered by the Town of Fifield for $10,000.

Town Clerk Robyn Haggart says a new state law allows a municipality to sell up to three such licenses to another municipality located within two miles of it. Due to resorts closing in Fifield over the years and for other reasons, that town has 16 unused Class B licenses, she said.

Minocqua Fishing Pier Study Advances

Sep 20, 2017

MINOCQUA – With one dissenting vote, the Minocqua Town Board Tuesday authorized spending upwards of $7,800 for an engineering study of the deteriorating fishing pier adjacent to the U.S. Highway 51 bridge.

Storm Cleanup Strains Minocqua's Road Budget

Sep 6, 2017
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MINOCQUA – Lending a helping hand to residents struggling with cleanup after last April’s severe wind storm has set the Minocqua public works budget on a path to bleed red ink, with the town board being asked to patch it by tapping the general fund or delaying some road work for a year.

Minocqua Buoys: Illegal Or Property Savers?

Aug 16, 2017

MINOCQUA – Minocqua lakeshore owners are being put on notice that a state waterway marker permit is needed before they can place a buoy in the lake. The Minocqua Town Board took up the issue Tuesday, Aug. 15th with Wisconsin conservation warden Tim Ebert and town boat patrol officer Gary Lade in attendance.

Minocqua Town Treasurer Hours Under Review

May 17, 2017
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Minocqua town treasurer Laura Mendez is holding down two jobs – one of which is full time in the private sector. Now, town supervisors are asking if she’s adequately serving the people who put her in office.

At this week's town board meeting, town attorney Gregory Harrold said the board could not require her to spend specific hours at the town office. Supervisor Billy Fried says Mendez has done a commendable job over the years, but now worries about her the lack of daytime office hours:

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A Minocqua elector put the elected town treasurer on the hot seat at the annual meeting Thursday, April 20, but in the end, even he voted against his motion to make the position an appointed post.

LAMBO Mountain Bike Trail Proposal Hits A Few Bumps

Apr 20, 2017
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MINOCQUA – A proposal by a mountain bike club to build additional trails on town property hit a few bumps during Tuesday’ Minocqua Town Board meeting. But the trouble spots apparently were smoothed over after some discussion.

Minocqua Board Accepts Fire Station Bid

Mar 8, 2017

The Minocqua Town Board awarded a $2,455,500 contract Tuesday to the Marshfield–based Boson Company to build the town’s new fire station. Including land purchase and other costs, the total project cost will be about $3.17 million.

The low bid by Boson is $600,000 under estimates, according to town officials who met in special session with its fire department expansion committee. The town will have to borrow money for its construction, which is to be substantially completed by next November.