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Wisconsin Public Service is out in area schools to teach students about the benefits and things to be aware about concerning natural gas. 

Spokesperson Matt Cullen says the presentations are designed to give students a clearer idea where the heat and electricity they use comes from.... 


This coming winter is predicted to be a bit colder than the past two and an energy spokesperson says natural gas prices are expected to be a bit higher.

Bruce McDowell is a spokesperson for the American Gas Association, a trade organization representing 200 natural gas supply companies.

He thinks the price will rise this year about five percent...

Good news for people using natural gas to heat homes.

Wisconsin Public Service is out with the winter heating costs and as spokesperson Kerry Spees points out, you likely won't burn as much gas...

"....we have stable gas prices and we're expecting a normal winter this year. Customers are likely to pay about 18 percent less than they did last winter to heat their home...."

WPS Extends Gas Pipeline to Potawatomi Community

Mar 17, 2015

Wisconsin Public Service crews have begun to extend a natural gas pipeline from Crandon to the Forest County Potawatomi Community. 

WPS Spokesperson Leah Van Zile says the project involves about five miles of both new construction and upgrades to existing infrastructure. 

“If we’re looking for any additional expansion beyond the Forest County Potawatomi governmental buildings there, we do need to make sure that our system has enough pressure and is built to the specifications necessary to do any expansions.” 

Natural Gas Prices Fall In Time For Peak Heating Season

Jan 7, 2015

Gasoline prices aren’t the only ones falling. Natural gas prices are also dropping.

Residential rates are about thirty percent lower this January than they were last year.

Wisconsin Public Service spokesperson Leah Van Zile says it depends on how much you use, but you’ll likely see a lower bill. 

WPS Flares Natural Gas in Three Lakes

Jul 14, 2014

Wisconsin Public Service is flaring natural gas in Three Lakes this week to prepare for some pipeline maintenance.

WPS Spokesperson Leah Van Zile says some parts of the pipeline are being refitted to allow for easier maintenance, and the natural gas needs to be cleared out first. 

“Basically what we’re doing is we’ve taken the pressure down as low as we possibly can in that section of the pipeline, the remaining gas is purged out of that pipeline, and burned at the one valve in the Three Lakes area.”


As people turned up their thermostats during our recent cold snap, a three-member Wisconsin Public Service team has been stopping by Northwoods schools talking about natural gas safety.


"....when you smell gas, leave the door open, turn around and get away..."

The 35-minute program uses a variety of visual demonstrations showing the properties of natural gas and how it’s used.

As a class at James Williams Middle School listened intently, Eric Berg said the message is natural gas is safe when used properly....