Wednesday is America Recycles Day across the nation.

It's a day promoters use to talk about saving money and the environment at the same time. Karen Sieg is Executive Director of the Associated Recyclers of Wisconsin, an association representing Wisconsin's recycling, waste reduction and sustainability professionals. She says the day is intended to remind the public what they can recycle and the best way to do that. When Wisconsin's law passed in 1990, 17 percent of municipal solid waste was recycled. By 2004, studies showed the percentage had climbed to 32 percent.

A spokesperson for a state recycling group is refuting claims made in several news stories about the future of recycling.

Meleesa Johnson is President of the Associated Recyclers of Wisconsin and is Director of Marathon County Solid Waste Department. Three articles in different publications outlined questions about contamination. She says the tenor of the articles was recycling was is a catastrophic state. Johnson says Wisconsin's recycling is far from that...

Potawatomi Tribe Recycles At High Rate

Nov 13, 2014
Tom Morris

The Wisconsin DNR is giving an award to the Forest County Potawatomi Community for having one of the three highest rates of recycling in the state in 2013. The tribe recycles more than 500 pounds of material per person per year.

The Forest County Potawatomi’s per capita rate of recycling is more than twice the state average of about 240 pounds. 

New Recycling Sorter Opens in Eagle River

Jan 8, 2014
Michael Cote

Recycling may be getting easier, for some in the Northwoods.  Eagle River Waste and Recycling has completed a new sorting facility, that separates different kinds of recyclable materials.

Jenni Raats is the company’s account manager.  She says customers in Eagle River…won’t have to sort their recyclables any longer.

“We’ve made recycling so much easier for all our customers.  You can take all materials, glass, plastic, tin, aluminum, paper, cardboard – even small kitchen appliances, toasters and things like that.  Put them all loosely in one container.”

DNR: Focus on Recycling

Nov 11, 2013
Tom Morris

The DNR is reminding people to re-commit to recycling, and seek out more ways to re-use materials.  Friday is America Recycles Day nationwide. 

It’s a day that aims to call attention to how recycling is good for the environment and good for the economy. 

DNR recycling spokesperson Elisabeth Olson says around 100 million dollars of re-usable materials goes into landfills every year. 

“So often it’s your basic materials.  We’re still seeing plastics, aluminum, paper, steel.  These types of things, they’re going into our landfills.”