Rural roads

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The Vilas County highway committee faced the cost of road repair and construction during a recent meeting.

Road costs continue to be an issue not only for the state but also for county governments with limited resources and staff to effectively maintain public travel expectations.

The committee received plan proposals from highway commissioner Nick Scholtes  who asked what level of service does the county provide and what level of service does the public want?

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Last week Governor Walker previewed his biennial budget address to the state during a trip to Crandon to highlight education funding. He also hinted more money is going to be released to fix Wisconsin's rural roads.

During a question and answer session with reporters, Walker said the state revenues have exceeded expectations and more money is going to education and hinted there might be more for roads...

Northwoods State Senator Says Roads Falling Apart

Oct 6, 2016

MADISON, Wis. - Democratic state Sen. Janet Bewley, who represents a district in northern Wisconsin, has introduced legislation that would repeal the Manufacturing and Agricultural Tax Credit and use the money to repair roads and bridges in rural Wisconsin.

Bewley says the tax break benefits only "a handful of millionaires," and ending it would return more than $100 million to Wisconsin counties for transportation needs, and a similar amount to the state's towns, villages and cities. She says rural roads are falling apart from lack of money for maintenance.

A former state Senator has presented a report which he says shows the state has been funneling money out of towns and counties for use on state roads, mainly in urban areas.

Tom Harnisch of Neillsville is a lawyer who works with the Wisconsin Towns Association. He served in the Wisconsin Senate from 1975-1983.

In his study to the Wisconsin Towns Association, Harnisch found a trend over the past few years...