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School Safety Effort Backed By Northwoods Legislator

Mar 16, 2018

Governor Scott Walker unveiled Thursday a 100-million-dollar plan directed toward improving school safety in Wisconsin. The plan calls for the creation of the Office of School Safety under the Wisconsin Department of Justice. The plan also includes establishing a 100-million-dollar School Safety Grant Program under the Office of School Safety. Walker has called for a special session in the state legislature..

Assembly Republican Rob Swearingen of Rhinelander praised Walker's approach..

Wisconsin Republican legislative leaders are considering offering state money to help schools pay for safety upgrades in the wake of the most recent large-scale school shooting incident in Florida.

Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald said they are looking at legislation to improve affordability as school district make improvements to buildings. The leaders met this week to discuss a number of funding proposals.

Increased safety following the many tragic incidents at schools across the nation is a priority,  says a state teacher's union leader.

A Racine physical education teacher, Betsy Kippers in President of the Wisconsin Education Association Council. Speaking from a national meeting last week, Kippers says educators across the country want to find workable safety solutions, but were disappointed Congress didn't act....