Sen. Ron Johnson

Office of Ron Johnson

One of the main proponents of returning management of gray wolves back to the states from the federal Endangered Species Act says they will try again.

U.S. Senator Ron Johnson was in Rhinelander Friday. Republican Johnson was asked about an effort by state legislators to stop the DNR from enforcing management of wolves in Wisconsin.

Office of Ron Johnson

Congress is working on tax reform, but Senator Ron Johnson says his chamber is going to work on some fixes from the version provided by the U.S. House.

Johnson stopped in Rhinelander last Friday for a Small Business Forum.

He was asked what the Senate version of tax reform will be...

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Wisconsin U.S. Senator Ron Johnson was joined by Iowa Senator Joni Ernst Saturday in Rhinelander as part of a roundtable discussion. 

Johnson is locked in a tight reelection campaign, but with the news still fresh about Hillary Clinton's emails, he wasted no time talking about the FBI investigation...

"...if she didn't have the name Hillary Clinton, if she was applying for a low level job in the State Department, she couldn't get a security clearance based on how she has already handled sensitive national security information...."

U.S. Senator Ron Johnson says there appears to be an emerging consensus in the nation's capitol that cyber security should be a priority.

The Republican from Oshkosh chairs the Senate Committee on Homeland Security. He says the level of cyber attacks on the U.S. is alarming..

".....the hacking of SONY, the hacking of the Central Command's Twitter site, those are just a couple of examples of the cyber attacks the private sector and government websites are incurring, literally millions of times a week. Cyber security will be a top priority...."

  Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson joined Senate colleague John McCain and others this past weekend on a fact-finding tour to Ukraine. Tensions have been high as the nation has been divided as to bend it's loyalty toward Europe, or to neighboring Russia. During an interview with WXPR last week, Johnson says they hope to find out what the people are feeling...