Senator Tom Tiffany

The state's Joint Finance Committee has come to an impasse when it comes to approving the biennial state budget.

There have been talks about the assembly and senate working on the state budget separately. State Senator Tom Tiffany (R-Hazelhurst), who is a member of the Joint Finance Committee, says he's optimistic it won't come to that. "We haven't done that since I've been in the legislature," said Sen. Tiffany.

Two Northwoods legislators have differing opinions on the repeal of the state's Forestry Mill tax.

The tax is the state's only property tax. Governor Walker has proposed eliminating the Mill Tax and replacing it with money from the state spending.

Authorized in 1924, this revenue source has supported forestry programs that facilitated the successful recovery from the 'cut over time' when there was no Northwoods as we have today.

In 2014, the tax was estimated to be about $25 dollars for a $150,000 home.

The legislature will return to session this month, and leaders are organizing the committees that will do the work.

State Senator Tom Tiffany of Hazelhurst says a new state Senate committee is likely to emerge for the next session. He says with the election of Donald Trump and Republican majorities in both chambers of Congress, he says the state is anticipating a change in federal-state relations and is shaping a committee to deal with the change....

Citizens For Tiffany

Incumbent Republican 12th State Senator Tom Tiffany of Hazelhurst has announced he is seeking another term. Tiffany says when he went to Madison to change the state's finances.. .

Republican State Senator Tom Tiffany says says he does not support proposed legislation that would restrict school districts choosing when to hold a referendum.

Speaking Wednesday before the Rhinelander Area Retired Educators Association, Tiffany was asked about a bill by Senator Duey Strobel which would only allow school funding referendums to be held during general elections and no sooner than two years apart...

One of the author's of a change in Wisconsin's John Doe investigation law says from his perspective, the bill will increase transparency. Both the Assembly and Senate committees have passed the changes proposed. The John Doe statutes grant extraordinary powers to investigators to compel testimony and maintain secrecy. Senator Tom Tiffany of Hazelhurst says the changes are designed to increase transparency in government while not taking away the John Doe authority...

State Senator Tom Tiffany  met opposition to changes in state shoreland zoning regulations while attending the Oneida county board meeting.

He faced sharp questions from board members, then about a dozen members of the public about taking local control away from counties and weakening water protections. Many in the audience questioned Tiffany putting in a motion late in the budget process that takes away the ability of counties to regulate beyond less stringent DNR rules.

Tiffany said it was balancing property rights versus government regulations...

State Senator Tom Tiffany of Hazelhurst has authored a bill that would allow local governments to ask for a local option sales tax to be used exclusively for transportation.

The bill was co-authored in the Assembly by Represenative Dean Knudson.

Tiffany says the tax would be similar to what counties already have the authority to do....

Two Northwoods legislators have been named to the powerful Joint Committee on Finance.

State Senator Tom Tiffany and Representative Mary Czaja have been named to the committee. Both are Republicans.

The committee is appointed by leadership in both chambers of the legislators and favors the party in power. It's main function is to set the state budget and spending priorities for the next two years.
Senator Tiffany says education will be among the top issues the committee will debate...

One Northwoods legislator has gotten low marks from a conservation group.

The League of Conservation Voters each year rates how the legislature votes on conservation-related issues. League Program Director Anne Sayers says overall it was a mixed session for conservation. She says half  of the pro-conservation bills supported by them were signed into law. Conservation interests were successful three-fourths of the time in halting what they saw as anti-conservation measures. Sayers says this shows public pressure can change things..


Just before the county board election seven weeks ago, postcard sized political ads appeared in the mailboxes of four specific Oneida county board districts. The professionally produced cards had a similar message, questioning the county board supervisors positions on the sale of the former WPS building and also about the removal of dams in the county's comprehensive plan.

A $600,000 state grant will enable a study as to why Wisconsin's forest products industry is declining while at the same time the number of trees has grown.

The Great Lakes Timber Professionals Association...headquartered in Rhinelander...and the Wisconsin County Forests Association are administering the grant. The funding came from an amendment put into the state budget by State Senator Tom Tiffany.


One of the bills signed by Governor Walker last week allows the Boulder Junction Shooting Range to extend it's use of state land to 30 years from the current 15.

State Senator Tom Tiffany and Representative Rob Swearingen authored the bills in each chamber in Madison to make the change.

Swearingen says he and Tiffany were approached by the club to help them out of a possible problem...

A state Senator says many people are said to be heading to Madison Thursday morning to give testimony on a bill that would limit local governments control over frac sand mining.

The bill was authored by State Senator Tom Tiffany and Assembly Represenative Joan Ballweg. The bill would limit the powers of local governments to regulate placement of non-metallic mines. State Senator Kathleen Vinehout, whose district includes some of the frac mines, said the issue relates to local control...

Wisconsin’s No Call List is a step closer to changing.

Senator Tom Tiffany of Hazelhurst authored the bill, and says it would be better for Wisconsin residents and agencies to shift the state list to the federal Do Not Call List...


"...we're one of only 14 states that keeps a state list, the rest of them have moved it to the federal level and that is what we're going to do with this bill is have the federal government keep the no-call list..."