Sulfide mining

Local Officials Dig For Answers At Mining Seminar

Jan 25, 2018
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MINOCQUA – Some 200 county and town officials from across the state packed a conference center in Minocqua Wednesday to learn from experts on how to regulate metallic mining operations on a local level.

New legislation signed last Dec. 11 by Gov. Scott Walker did away with a de facto mining moratorium on sulfide mineral mining. Now some counties may see sulfide mining coming to their backyards as a result. Local municipalities were given six months to enact their own mining regulations through zoning, licensing and environmental standards.

Minocqua Site Of County, Towns Association Mining Meeting

Dec 26, 2017

Local government officials are expected to wait to pass new mining regulations until after a seminar is held in Minocqua January 24th.

The Wisconsin Towns Association is working with the Wisconsin Counties Association on the meeting where information on a new mining law will be shared.

Governor Scott Walker signed the law in Rhinelander ending the moratorium on copper, zinc, lead, gold and other sulfide mines December 11th.

The law doesn't go into effect for six months, giving counties time to put their own mining regulations into place.

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One environmental group has responded to the signing Monday in Rhinelander of the Mining For America Act. The bill ended the 20- year Mining Moratorium Law, which said mining companies have to prove they wouldn't pollute water resources before getting a permit to mine. None have opened in that time.

League of Conservation Voters spokesperson Ryan Billingham called the signing 'a sad day for Wisconsin'. While Governor Scott Walker touted the new and cleaner mining technologies during a press conference Monday, Billingham says sulfide mining is still not clean....

Mining Companies Won't Be Required To Pay For Cleanup

Dec 5, 2017
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BOISE, Idaho – The Environmental Protection Agency has announced it's scrapping rules drafted during the Obama administration that require hard-rock mining companies to clean up their own messes.

The rule made sure companies that mine for gold, copper and other non-coal minerals had enough money set aside to tidy up abandoned mines left in their wake.

Majority Republicans Pass Changes In Mining, Homeowners Laws

Nov 9, 2017

Two widely discussed  pieces of legislation authored by State Senator Tom Tiffany of Hazelhurst got legislative approval this week and are likely to be signed by Governor Walker.

The state Senate voted Tuesday to repeal the Mining Moratorium law that no longer requires companies to prove that they operated mines elsewhere without long term environmental damage. Tiffany proposed to make it easier for mining companies to get permits -- insisting there's limited environmental risk, and saying he doesn't expect a 'gold rush'...

The state Senate's mining panel endorsed a bill Wednesday from its Republican chairman Tom Tiffany of Hazelhurst who said that if opponents had their way, the miner should be taken off the state flag because, quote, "he's not going to work here anymore." (end quote) The vote was 3-2, with Democrats voting no, to send the bill to the full Senate.

An Oneida county committee is asking the county's lawyer whether they can listen to overtures from a mining company about exploring zinc and other minerals in the town of Lynne.