tick-borne illness

Don't Get Ticked!

May 5, 2015

The time of year for peak exposure to disease-bearing ticks is here and a state epidemiologist Diep Hoang Johnson has a few tips to keep from getting sick.

Ticks carry Lyme disease and other ailments. Dr. Hoang Johnson says the peak time is from now until fall, with the peak in June and July. To lower your chance of infection, she recommends...

"....when you go outside you should use some kind of insect repellent(DEET). You can spray that on clothing..."


With summer and tick season coming up in the next few months, today we talk with entomologist Phil Pellitteri…who ran the Insect Lab at the University of Wisconsin Madison for 35 years.  He’ll be a guest at this month’s informal discussion series Science on Tap.  WXPR’s Natalie Jablonski spoke with him about Wisconsin’s tick situation.

Phil Pellitteri will be talking more about preventing tick-borne illnesses at Science on Tap in Minocqua next week, along with pediatrician Holly Frost from Marshfield Clinic.  

Damp Weather May Encourage Tick Populations

Jun 11, 2013

If you’ve walked in the woods or in long grass lately…you may have noticed more ticks than usual.  

Entomologists report the recent warm and damp weather could cause an upsurge in tick populations in Wisconsin.  Rob Deede from the Oneida County Health Department says the best way to prevent tick-borne illnesses is to keep the ticks off in the first place.