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While unemployment rates have hit historic lows in Wisconsin, the highest rates in the state belong to some Northwoods counties.

The recent Department of Workforce Development numbers find Wisconsin's statewide unemployment rate reached an all-time low of 2.9 percent in February.

Iron county has the state's highest rate at 7.1 percent. Forest county's rate is 5.4 percent, the state's seventh highest, with Vilas next at 5.3 percent. Oneida is at 4.9 percent, Langlade at 4.7 percent, Price at 4.2 and Lincoln at 3.7 percent.


The state's adjusted unemployment rate is holding at 3.4 percent for August, same as July. In the Northwoods, all counties are seeing lower rates than one year ago.

Iron county has the state's second highest rate at 6 percent, Forest county is at 5.2 percent, Langlade at 4.2, Lincoln 3.8, Vilas and Price at 3.6, Oneida county is at 3.3.

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Last week's release of unemployment numbers for Wisconsin shows a continuing drop in joblessness in the Northwoods and growth in the Northwoods labor force.

Statewide, the rate was 4 percent in December, the lowest rate since 2001. 71 counties either had rates drop or stay the same. In the Northwoods, the numbers varied from a high in Iron county of 7.4 percent to a low of 4.4 percent in Lincoln county.

All the counties had rates about one percentage point lower than last year.


The latest unemployment numbers from November show a continuing downward trend in the Northwoods.

State economist Ryan White says preliminary November rates decreased in all of Wisconsin's 72 counties compared to rates one year ago.The latest rates ranged from 2.9 percent in Dane county to 7.8 percent in Menominee county.

White says there was some upward movement in numbers of workers laid off due to seasonal trends...


Local unemployment has taken a dramatic downward turn in the Northwoods, following a statewide trend.

Numbers released by the state Wednesday, indicate unemployment in the Northwoods is at 3.6 percent in Price county, 3.9 percent in Lincoln county, 4.1 percent in Oneida, , 4.6 percent in Langlade county,4.7 percent in Vilas, 5.2 Forest, and 6.4 percent in Iron county. All of those rates are one to two points lower than September of  2014.

State economist Scott Hodek says while the jobless rates are dropping the number of workers leaving the workforce is a factor....


Northwoods counties continue to follow the statewide trend as unemployment is down measurably from one year ago.

The state's numbers find Oneida county's unemployment rate at 5.5 percent, Vilas at 6.3, Forest at 7.6, Langlade at 6.5, Lincoln 5.1, Price at 4.7 percent. Iron county had the state's second highest rate at 9.2 percent. Forest county's rate was fourth highest.


Like much of the rest of Wisconsin, unemployment continues to fall as the Department of Workforce Development released the May local jobless numbers.


Unemployment rates in the Northwoods remain among some of the highest in the state, but all the rates are below what they were one year ago.

The state released the local unemployment rates this week. In the Northwoods, Vilas county has the fifth-highest rate at 10.2 percent, followed by Iron county at 10.1, Forest county is at 9.3, Oneida 8.3, Langlade 7.4, Lincoln 6.4 and Price county at 5.7 percent.

State economist Beau Gellings in Wausau says in the Northwoods counties, the unemployment levels are down one to two points from last year's level...

Northwoods Unemployment Rates Rise in January

Mar 11, 2015

Iron County’s unemployment rate went up by more than a percentage point in January, giving it one of the highest jobless rates in the state at 10.8 percent. 

Menominee, Door and Bayfield Counties did the worst, tied with unemployment rates of 11 percent…according to the preliminary unadjusted figures from the state’s workforce development agency. 

Vilas County’s unemployment rate was 9.7 percent, with Forest County coming in a 9.1.


The state released jobless numbers last week.  Iron county continues to have the state's second highest rate at 10.1 percent, Forest county is third highest at 8 percent, Langlade is fifth highest at 7.7 percent, Lincoln is ninth at 7.4 percent. Both Vilas and Oneida counties are near 6.5 percent, and Price county is at 5.3 percent. While Iron county's rate remains in double-digits, all listed counties have jobless rates at least one percentage point lower than one year ago, and some rates are approaching pre-recession levels.


Iron county has the state's second highest unemployment rate, but other Northwoods counties saw a marked drop in unemployment caused by summer hiring.

The state unemployment numbers released late last week find  Iron county's rate at 11.2 percent, the same as one month ago, and also the same rate as a year ago. Forest county was fourth highest, down 1.3 percent from a year ago, now at 8.3 percent, Langlade county is at 8 percent, Lincoln and  Vilas counties are at 7.2 percent, Oneida is at 6.9 percent, and Price county has the lowest area rate at 5.7 percent.

Northwoods jobless numbers remain high, but are lower than one year ago.

The state released unemployment numbers for cities and counties this week.

Iron county has the state's highest unemployment rate at 13.1 percent...Vilas is fifth-highest at 12.1 percent. Forest county is 8th highest of 72 counties at 10.9 percent, Oneida is ninth at 10.1 percent. Langlade county is at 9.2 percent, while Lincoln county is at 8.8 percent. The area's lowest rate is Price county with a jobless rate of 6.8 percent.


While Wisconsin's overall unemployment rate continues to drop, Northwoods unemployment continues above state average. In Iron county's situation, they have the highest unemployment rate in the state.

State numbers released Thursday show Iron county at 13.2 percent, Vilas is fourth highest at 9.5 percent, Forest is at 8.1 percent, but Oneida, Lincoln and Langlade counties are lower in the 7 percent range. Price county is at 5.3 percent. Wisconsin's average is 5.8 percent.


Northwoods unemployment  levels are falling into traditional patterns says a state economist, but one county in this area now tops the list for joblessness.

In the Northwoods, figures from the Department of Workforce Development find Price county with the lowest rate at 5.1 percent, Oneida at 6.9 percent, Lincoln at seven percent, Langlade at 7.2, Vilas at 7.8 percent, and Forest at 7.9 percent. Iron county has the state's highest rate at 12.1 percent.


The recently-ended federal government shutdown is affecting more than federal programs: it's also slowing down the state's reporting on unemployment.

The Department of Workforce Development routinely puts out local jobless numbers the fourth week of the month. Not this month, as state economist Tom Walsh points out.

But Walsh says some local trends were seen...