The Northwoods Breastfeeding Coalition is observing their 10th anniversary. To celebrate, the coalition is sponsoring a session called, “Secrets of Baby Behavior” on Tuesday, October 25th from 8:30am to 4:30pm at the Rhinelander Quality Inn. Secretary and treasurer of the coalition, Debra Durcshlag says the session will focus on assessing infant cues.

WXPR Seeks News Stringers

Aug 3, 2015

WXPR would love to have you help us with our news coverage!

We have a few dedicated "stringers" or reporters, in some, but not all of the larger communities in the northern and central Wisconsin.  A stringer finds stories they hear about in their communities, or possibly will get an assignment from the news room, to cover meetings and events. The job pays a small amount for the stories that are broadcast or put on our website.

WXPR Wins WBA Award

May 4, 2014
Peg Arnold

WXPR received recognition from the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association Saturday night in Madison. The Ocean Epic of Walter Wendt by Community Features Editor Natalie Jablonski earned WXPR’s placement in the Best Features category for small markets.

In the Veteran’s Day feature, Wendt shared his experiences serving in the Navy during World War II. He described being aboard the U.S.S. Helena while under torpedo attack in Pearl Harbor.