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WXPR Seeks News Stringers

Aug 3, 2015

WXPR would love to have you help us with our news coverage!

We have a few dedicated "stringers" or reporters, in some, but not all of the larger communities in the northern and central Wisconsin.  A stringer finds stories they hear about in their communities, or possibly will get an assignment from the news room, to cover meetings and events. The job pays a small amount for the stories that are broadcast or put on our website.

WXPR is seeking applications from candidates for its Board of Directors. Directors are elected for three-year terms. Applications are due by February 14, 2014. The election will be held at WXPR’s Annual Membership Meeting on Tuesday, April 22nd  at 7:00pm. The public is invited to attend.

Interested persons may obtain an application by calling WXPR at 715-362-6000 or emailing jessie@wxpr.org

WXPR Board of Directors