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This week the Northwoods have been privy to a very unique international tour.

South African musician Lorraine Klaasen and her ensemble have spent the week touring around northern Wisconsin ahead of her show this Saturday night, Nov. 19th at the Nicolet College Theatre.

WXPR’s Mackenzie Martin has the story.

November is Native American Heritage Month, and is a time dedicated to acknowledging the contributions of the Native people while raising awareness to the issues and challenges their culture faces. Bad River tribal member Dona Gilane Yahola talked with WXPR’s Miranda Vander Leest about what the battle at the frontline of the Dakota Access Pipeline is like…

Northwoods Tribe Celebrates Unity in Honor of Standing Rock

Nov 15, 2016
Miranda Vander Leest

Students at the Lac du Flambeau Community College put on a bake sale Tuesday in honor of Standing Rock Awareness day. November 15 is a day dedicated to solidarity as indigenous communities and landowners fight on the frontlines of the Dakota Access Pipeline. Dona Gilane Yahola is part of the Bad River Ojibwe Tribe and works as the outreach coordinator for the community college. She says the community celebrated the day by raising money for winter and camping supplies to bring to water protectors who are on the front…

Local Veteran Surprised with Honor Flight Trip

Nov 11, 2016
Miranda Vander Leest

Tom Rudolph is a Korean War vet and served in the Army in 1953 and 1954. He lived in Minnesota at the time of his service, but has otherwise lived in Rhinelander and was a research scientist at the forestry sciences lab. To thank him for his service, students and staff at Pelican Elementary put on a popcorn fundraiser to send him on the Never Forgotten Honor Flight. They surprised him this morning at their annual Veteran’s Day program. Rudolph says he never saw it coming…

 “..I never expected anything like this…I came

Under the Big Pine

Nov 8, 2016

In this month’s edition of Field Notes, Scott Bowe from the University of Madison’s Kemp Natural Resources Station schools us about what “under the big pine” really means…

Young Adults Discuss What It Means To Be An Informed Voter

Oct 31, 2016

 “…I think it’s a very unorthodox election.  On one side you have this career politician candidate who has very...positive things in her history but also some negative things in her history that is very along party lines.

The Science Behind Fall Foliage

Oct 20, 2016

A couple of weekends ago, my oldest son was riding in my truck with me after a drive in the county forest. I saw a beautiful panorama spreading across the hillside we faced while at a stop sign. I remarked about the scene, and my son readily agreed how nice it was. When I looked over at him, though, he was not looking up—he was playing with his smartphone! I chided him gently, and told him that he should enjoy the colorful display now, because he will have to wait for a year to see it again. He gave me the side-eye but didn’t say anything.


Listen here to a forum involving the candidates for the 34th District Assembly seat: Republican Rob Swearingen and Democrat Matt Michalsen. This forum is moderated by WXPR's Ken Krall. The media panel consists of WPR's Glen Moberg, Stephanie Haines of WJFW-TV, Eileen Persike of Star Journal Now, and Brian Jopek of the Lakeland Times.


Listen here  to a forum involving the candidates for the 12th State Senate seat: Republican Tom Tiffany and Democrat Bryan Van Stippen. This forum is moderated by WXPR's Ken Krall. The media panel consists of WPR's Glen Moberg, Stephanie Haines of WJFW-TV, Eileen Persike of Star Journal Now, and Brian Jopek of the Lakeland Times.

Devin Smith

Devin Smith graduated from Lakeland Union High school in 2015. Since then he has become quite the expert in a very tiny field: miniatures. WXPR’s Mackenzie Martin got a chance to talk with Devin about how it all began.

In this month's edition of Field Notes Trout Lake Biologist Susan Knight talks about tasty yet sometimes poisonous foods...

Sara's Bog

Oct 5, 2016

In this month's edition of Field Notes,  Trout Lake Station Biologist Susan Knight learns it's valuable to pay attention to the small things...